Travel Guide to Møn: 11 Best Things to Do & See Near Møns Klint

Travel Guide to Møn: 11 Best Things to Do & See Near Møns Klint

Everything you need to know about Møn, Møns Klint, what to do and where to stay
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A special island in south-eastern Denmark

There is something magical about Møn.

In all honesty, not much of nature in Denmark can call itself jaw-dropping… But we think that Møns Klint (“The White Cliffs of Møn”) is definitely one of the places that take your breath away.

It might even be the absolute highlight when it comes to dramatic nature views in Denmark.

The light is very special on Møn, nature is supreme, and people are drawn here time and time again.

We love Møn ourselves and have been there a few times – and we often talk about returning for the many great things to do and see on the island.

In this travel guide to Møn and Møns Klint, you can read all about what we did when we visited last time, what we want to do when we visit Møn again one day, where to stay and our best travel tips.

Where to stay on Møn


Search for the best and cheapest hotels on Møn here.

Møns Klint is Denmark
Møns Klint is one of the greatest nature experiences in Denmark.
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Why visit Møn?

With more than 150 kilometres of coastline, there are plenty of things to do and sights to see on Møn.

The island doesn’t look that big on a map but the size is deceiving and there is a lot more to do than you might think.

The beauty of Møn has always attracted creative souls, which can be seen when you look at the island’s many diverse cultural activities.

There is something for everyone to do here.

Personally, we love the nature experiences.

Møns Klint is the obvious highlight but the Camøno (a funny wordplay on the Camino in Spain) also offers opportunities for hiking experiences for days. And there are plenty of great cycle routes.

The beaches are lovely, as are the forests, and after a lovely day in nature, you can eat and drink well in the town of Stege.


Møn lies southeast of Zealand and is connected to the “mainland” by the Queen Alexandrines Bridge – also known as the Møn Bridge.

Copenhagen is located about 115 kilometres away with the trip taking around 1 hour and 15 minutes by car.

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10 best things to do and see on Møn

Here are the best experiences and sights on the beautiful Danish island southeast of Zealand.

1. Explore Møns Klint

The biggest attraction on Møn is undoubtedly Møns Klint, also known as “The White Cliffs of Møn”.

Møns Klint is home to Denmark’s longest staircase with 496 steps – which says something about the size and magnificence of the cliff on Møn’s east coast.

But it’s not the stairs you go to Møn for…

Møns Klint is truly a natural wonder which attracts visitors from near and far.

Experiences at Møns Klint

You have to see the impressive cliff both from above and from below.

There’s a nice 2-3 kilometre walk that goes from the GeoCenter and the Maglevand Stairs (Maglevandstrappen in Danish) to the south towards the Gråryg Stairs (Grårygstrappen in Danish).

You can go up one way and down the other way by using the two staircases. Allow a little extra time to climb the many steps.

The highest view over Møns Klint has a 128-meter drop and can be found at the GeoCenter Møns Klint.

Remember to go explore the forest on Høje Møn. Here you can find the oldest beech trees in Denmark.

Also, try to look for the peregrine falcon that hunts at the cliff flying by at a whooping 300 kilometres per hour.

The peregrine falcon is the world’s fastest animal. As one of the few places in Denmark, the bird breeds on Møns Klint.

Here is a great online leaflet with information about activities, geology, flora and fauna + a map of Møns Klint and the surrounding area.

Møns Klint at sunset
Møns Klint at sunset. An amazing sight!

Stay overnight at Møns Klint

Møns Klint is Møn’s largest and best-known attraction. If you want to visit the cliff at both sunset and sunrise (which we can recommend), it’s a good idea to find accommodation close to Møns Klint.

Look for the best hotels at Møns Klint here (adlink) or scroll further down to see our recommendations on where to stay on Møn.

Orchids at Møns Klint

There are 18 different orchid species that grow wildly at Møns Klint.

The area is one of the richest in the country when it comes to plant life – among other things because of the high lime/chalk contents of the soil.

However, you must neither pick nor dig up plants at the cliff.

Warning from the Danish Ministry of the Environment:

“Møns Klint is a piece of living nature. Landslides and rock falls may occur all over the cliff – all year round, but especially in periods of sudden thaw, during major precipitation and following long spells of drought. Accordingly, it can be extremely dangerous to walk on top of the cliff, near the edge of the cliff, and on the beach underneath the cliff. Not only is it prohibited – it can also mean great danger to your life and the life of others

  • to climb on top of the cliff outside the perimeter of the stairs and pathways
  • to throw rocks and other objects off the cliff

Always respect the cordoned off areas! All use of this area is at your own risk!

Leaflet about Møns Klint and Klintholm.

Blue water at Møns Klint in Denmark
There’s a long way down! Notice the beautiful turquoise colour of the water when the sun hits it in the middle of the day at Møns Klint. ©Kirstin Schnell

See Møns Klint from the water

The sailboat Discovery goes on two-hour sailing trips to Møns Klint from Klintholm Harbour.

We weren’t out on the water ourselves when we visited Møn but we can imagine that it’s a fantastic experience.

During the summer, there are daily departures as long as the weather is suitable for sailing.

Read more about sailing hours and prices on their website here.

The White Cliffs of Møn in Denmark
Get a completely new perspective on the impressive cliffs of Møns Klint when you see it from the boat. ©Harald Stranz
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2. Visit GeoCenter Møns Klint

Right at the edge of the cliff, you will find GeoCenter Møns Klint where they have great knowledge about the cliff and the area.

Go on guided tours or explore the exhibition where you can learn about the history behind the landscape, ice age glaciers and life in the Cretaceous Sea, among other things.

The local tourist office is located at the GeoCenter Møns Klint. There is also a shop with books and leaflets about Møns Klint.

GeoCenter Møns Klint is closed during the winter. Check the website for updated opening hours.

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3. Look at the stars in the night sky

Looking at stars is always awe-inspiring but watching the starry sky on Møn is something else.

It’s a fantastic sight!

On clear nights, millions of stars can be seen and you might also be able to spot The Milky Way.

As the only place in Scandinavia, Møn (together with the island of Nyord) is appointed/assigned an official “Dark Sky Park” by IDA (International Dark Sky Association).

This means that you can see the starry sky extremely well here due to the very low degree of light pollution.

The Milky Way
If you are lucky, the beautiful Milky Way can be seen from Møn on clear nights. ©Felix Mittermeier

4. Stroll around the cosy town of Stege

Stege town is “the capital” on Møn and since this is where you find most cafés and restaurants, it’s also where we will recommend you to find accommodation for your stay on Møn.

Stege is actually a town from the Middle Ages and the atmosphere on the main street Storegade is always lovely. The old street is full of shops and cute eateries.

At the town’s border to the east, you will find Mølleporten (the Mill Gate), which, together with the city gate in Fåborg, are the only preserved medieval city gates in the country.

Remember to go for a walk at the fortification which is believed to be the most well-kept of its kind in all of Denmark.

There are usually several free parking spaces in Stege.

Cute house in Stege on Møn
One of the cute houses in Stege on Møn. ©Funki50
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5. Walk the Camøno

The Camøno is called “The kingdom’s friendliest hiking trail” and it takes you 175 kilometres around Møn. All year round.

As they write on the website:

Almost 175 km long and around 250.000 steps will take you through beautiful landscapes, old woods, sandy beaches, along fields and little villages. Enjoy quiet moments as you walk along the Camønoen.

Who doesn’t need a little bit of that?

If 175 kilometres sounds like too much, there are plenty of opportunities to walk individual stages or simply use the trails for short day trips and hikes.

Find the hiking map for the Camøno and read more about the routes on the official website here.

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6. Experience the small island of Nyord

Nyord is a small island connected to Møn where only about 30-40 people live.

A walk around Nyord is like a trip back in time with its charming 19th-century village atmosphere and the Nyord Church from 1846.

Nyord Enge (the Nyord Meadows) is an amazing nature reserve where you can spot birds such as the peregrine falcon, the common buzzard and the white-tailed eagle. Remember to bring binoculars if you are interested in spotting birds!

Nyord Enge meadows on Møn
There are great views over the meadows at Nyord Enge where you can spot birds… and cows.

7. Swim at the beaches on Møn

Møn is known for many things – and one of them is the awesome beaches.

Ulvshale Beach on Møn’s north side is one of the island’s most popular and child-friendly beaches with beautiful, soft sand.

Hårbølle Beach is located in the south-western part of Møn and there is also the possibility of swimming at Klintholm Harbour in the south-eastern part of Møn.

All three beaches are “blue flag”-certified which means that both the bathing water quality and the facilities are being inspected so the whole family can swim safely.

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8. Visit Liselund Park

Liselund Park is an old landscape park from the 18th century. It’s located a little north of Møns Klint, next to the slopes.

The manor house and romantic English garden are from the 1790s and there are guided tours in the summer for both the house and the garden.

The romantic garden is open all year and is free to visit.

We haven’t been yet, but Liselund Park looks like a really wonderful thing to see on Møn and we can easily imagine walking around the charming park area; enjoying the tranquillity and the historic buildings.

The manor house in Liselund Park near Møns Klint
The manor house in Liselund Park near Møns Klint. ©Cordula Vahle

9. Get active at Møns Klint

In addition to the many hiking routes, there are plenty of ways to be active at Møns Klint.

Here are three suggestions:

  • Climbing circuits and aerial walkway in the treetops: Free with a ticket to Geocenter Møns Klint. Read more here.
  • Mountain bike: A mountain bike tour is part of the ticket during the summer holiday season. Make a reservation and read more here.
  • Snorkelling: Go on a guided snorkelling trip from GeoCenter Møns Klint.
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10. Activities on the rest of Møn

If you want to be active on your trip to Møn, there are plenty of great options.

Here are some of the best experiences on the island if you want to be active:

  • Hélt Yoga: Yoga in Hårbølle.
  • Surfing, kitesurfing, kayaking and SUP at Møn Surf or Møn Strandcamping.
  • Møn Golfklub. 18-hole golf course, 9-hole “Pay and Play” and a 12-hole Krolf course (a mix of croquet and golf).
  • Dansk Fitness in Stege: They offer weekly passes for visitors and people on vacation.
  • Møn Football Golf. Try a mix of football, golf and minigolf on an 18-hole course for 4-6 people.
  • Rytzebæk Beach: Take a walk by the Strandskov (beach forest) on the western side of Møn with beech trees all the way down to the beach.
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11. Visit a museum

The Danish weather isn’t always showing itself from the best side, so if you are unlucky when you visit Møn (or prefer indoor activities), you can consider visiting one of these three museums on Møn:

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Where to stay on Møn

No matter where you choose to spend the night on Møn, you are not far from Stege town, the sea, Møns Klint or the other great experiences and attractions.

When we visited the island last time, we stayed on the easternmost part of Møn, not too far from the cliff.

If you would like to live within walking distance of restaurants and shops, we recommend that you look for accommodation in Stege town.

Search for the best and cheapest hotels on Møn here (adlink).


Hotel Residens Møen

Most of the apartments at Hotel Residens Møen have sea ​​views.

At the same time, they are located in the middle of Stege town, which makes the hotel an obvious choice – unless you’d rather stay at a smaller, more intimate bed & breakfast on Møn.

Check prices and availability at Hotel Residens Møen here (adlink).

Hotel Residens Møen in Stege
A great central location with a sea view! ©Hotel Residens Møen
Apartment at Hotel Residens Møen in Stege
One of the apartments at Hotel Residens Møen. ©Hotel Residens Møen (adlink)

Value for money

Bakkelund Bed & Breakfast

Many of the cosy b&b places on Møn don’t offer private bathrooms…

But the double room at Bakkelund Bed & Breakfast has exactly that – and although it is not the island’s cheapest place to spend the night, it looks really cute.

Elsebeth and Tage are known for taking good care of their guests as well as for providing good information about Møn and the surrounding area.

From the outdoor area, there is a lovely view over the rolling fields.

Check prices and availability at Bakkelund Bed & Breakfast here (adlink).

Bakkelund Bed & Breakfast on Møn
A cosy room with a view at Bakkelund. ©Bakkelund (adlink)

Motel Stege

If you are looking for a simple room at a central location for your stay in Stege, consider Motel Stege.

All 12 rooms have private bathrooms and there’s free wifi.

Check prices and availability at Motel Stege here (adlink).

Motel Stege on Møn
Simple, clean rooms centrally located in Stege town on Møn. ©Motel Stege (adlink)


NyGammelsø Bed and Breakfast

NyGammelsø Bed and Breakfast is a great budget choice on Møn right next to Damsholte Observatory.

The simple rooms are some of Møn’s cheapest accommodation options – and you can stay up to 6 people in a family room.

Check prices and availability at NyGammelsø Bed and Breakfast here (adlink).

NyGammelsø Bed and Breakfast on Møn
The rooms are quite simple at NyGammelsø Bed and Breakfast but it’s a good budget option. ©NyGammelsø Bed and Breakfast (adlink)

Klintholm Bed & Breakfast

One of the other cheap options on Møn is Klintholm Bed & Breakfast. It’s worth looking at if you want to stay close to Møns Klint.

They offer rooms with and without a private bathroom – which the prices reflect. Breakfast is included.

Check prices and availability at Klintholm Bed & Breakfast here (adlink).

Klintholm Bed & Breakfast on Møn close to Møns Klint
Klintholm Bed & Breakfast looks really nice and it’s a relatively cheap place to stay on Møn. ©Klintholm Bed & Breakfast (adlink)

How to get to Møn

Most people will be going to Møn from the Danish capital on a daytrip so here we will describe how best to get to Møn and Møns Klint from Copenhagen.

By car

Take the E47/55 motorway all the way to the south of Zealand before crossing Dronning Alexandrines Bro to the island of Møn.

It takes ~1 hour and 20 minutes to get to the main town of Stege from Copenhagen.

How get to Møns Klint

Driving from Copenhagen to Møns Klint takes ~ 2 hours and it is by far the easiest way to get there.

The (paid) parking lot is right by the GeoCenter Mønt Klint and the cliffs.

By public transport

It’s a bit more challenging going to Møns Klint with public transportion but not impossible.

  • First, take a train from Copenhagen Central Station (Københavns Hovedbanegård) to Vordingborg Station. There are regular train services connecting Copenhagen to Vordingborg and the train journey takes 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes depending on the type of train you take.
  • From Vordingborg Station, you can take bus 660R towards Stege Rutebilstation (~ 50 minutes) and then board bus 667 towards Klintholm Havn (another ~ 30 minutes).
  • From there, you’ll take a final bus ride on bus 678 running from Klintholm Havn to Geocenter Møns Klint (~ 10 minutes). Keep in mind that this particular bus service operates exclusively from May to September.

If your travels fall outside this period, be prepared to cover the final 5 km to Møns Klint on foot. Opting to disembark at the “Busemarke (Klintholm Havnevej)” bus stop instead of travelling all the way to Klintholm Havn is advisable, as it shortens the route by 1 km.

Rejseplanen.dk is the most reliable source when it comes to train and bus departures.

Restaurants and cafés on Møn

If you want to eat environmentally and animal-friendly, we recommend that you eat as plant-based as possible.

The south of Zealand is unfortunately not known for being full of green eateries (yet!). However, we have found these three suggestions for eating out on Møn that offer vegetarian and vegan dining options:

  • David’s Cafe in Stege. Brunch can be made vegetarian. The lunch menu offers a vegan sandwich and a vegan green salad with hummus and bulgur.
  • Møn Surf in Klintholm Havn. A surf school that is open during the summer months. They have a vegan sandwich and bowls, oat milk for coffees and snacks like chocolate truffles and ice cream.
  • Spisestedet at the harbour in Stege. They offer classic Danish “smørrebrød” as well as burgers, sandwiches and the like, for which you can choose falafel instead of meat for a greener option. Make sure to ask about the dressings and potential cheese if you are vegan.
Kaffehuset Møn in Stege
After a day full of wonderful experiences on Møn, we enjoyed a freshly roasted cup of coffee at Kaffehuset Møn in Stege.
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Our best tips for visiting Møn

  • Spend at least one night on Møn. Even if you are only interested in visiting Møns Klint, we can recommend staying on the island for the night to get a feel for the local life – and to slow down. Remember to enjoy the clear starry sky.
  • Experience sunrise and/or sunset at Møns Klint. Fewer people + better light at one of Denmark’s best views = worth it!
  • Drink tap water. The water quality in Denmark is excellent. You can safely drink water from the tap.
  • Credit cards can be used virtually anywhere, so you shouldn’t need to carry cash.

Minimise your impact

To minimise your impact during your visit, follow these guidelines:

  • Bring your own drinking water in a refillable bottle.
  • Avoid single-use plastics, including straws.
  • Dispose of waste properly and never leave anything behind.
  • Check your sunscreen if you intend to swim. Many brands contain oxybenzone and other chemicals that are harmful.
  • Take only photos, leave only footprints. Let everything stay in its natural place.
  • Be considerate of other visitors.
  • Respect wildlife.
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What do you think of Møn?

Thank you for reading our guide to Møn with the best things experiences and attractions to visit on the unique island.

We hope that it has been useful and that you have got an idea of ​​what to do and see on Møn.

What do you think of the island? Are there any cool things to do on Møn we are missing in the guide?

If you’ve already been to Møn, it would be great to hear your best tips and tricks.

Don’t hesitate to ask us anything in the comments if you haven’t been there yet.

Travel Guide to Møn: 10 Best Things to Do and See Near Møns Klint
Travel Guide to Møn: 10 Best Things to Do and See Near Møns Klint
Travel Guide to Møn: 10 Best Things to Do and See Near Møns Klint

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  1. Thank you so much for this article. I have been planning a trip to Mon and wanting to walk The Camonoen Trail. My great-grandfather was born on the Island. What I would like to do and cannot find an answer is regarding bus service on the Island. I would like to drive to the starting point of one of the 10 stages., walk the stage and then take a bus back to my car. Is there bus service that follows the trail? Thank you for any help you can give. I have tried the trip planner, but I think I need to know more about the cities and streets for it to be helpful -could also be that I don’t understand how to use it. I also have a Calazo map of the area. Susan

    • Hi Susan. That sounds amazing! We haven’t walked Camønoen ourselves, but we can only imagine that the route showcases the very best of the island. As far as we can tell, there isn’t a specific bus service that follows the trail. Some stages are most likely much easier to access with public transport than others. An idea could also be to walk a stage in reverse if that makes more sense transport-wise. As some of the bus routes on Møn are season-specific, it’s important to enter the correct dates with the trip planner. If you have the Calazo map, the way we would go about the project ourselves would be to pick out a stage and then try to figure out if it’s possible to access the start/end of that stage with public transport using the right addresses/landmarks. In the summer, there’s a free electric bus that drives around the island. Otherwise, we would try to check out the routes of the local buses (like route 667). Best of luck and do let us know how it went!

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