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Do you want to travel more and live your life to the fullest?

If so, it’s awesome to have you here! Because that’s what Northabroad is all about.

We’re Alex & Victoria, a couple in our late twenties from Copenhagen, Denmark. We love travelling and exploring this magnificent planet together.

In 2017 we quit the 9 to 5-lifestyle to live as digital nomads. That means we can decide for ourselves when and where we want to work and play. Yay!

Northabroad is where we share our experiences and hopefully inspire you to get out there with a huge smile on your face and do the things that make you happy.

We’re both vegans and believe in a sustainable world free of animal cruelty.

While doing travel related writing, photography and video, we also work on finishing our documentary film about shade grown coffee.

So far, this lifestyle has taken us places we would have once thought was out of reach.

We’re grateful for the people we have met on the road and the incredible places we have already seen – and we’re only just getting started.

Bali cave
Ang Thong
Waterfall close-up
Wherever we go, we try to seek out landscapes that take our breath away – whether it’s deserts, turquoise waters or mountains.
Valley of Fire

Our (travel) philosophy

There’s no big secret to all of this.

We haven’t inherited a lot of money or won the lottery. Unfortunately.

For us, it’s about hard work and prioritising experiences above material possessions and short-term fulfilment. We have to live and travel smart to make it work.

Since we met in 2010, we have travelled as much as possible and during the years, we have tried a bit of everything.

That includes city breaks, backpacking trips, organised tours, road trips and camping.

We have slept in fancy hotel rooms and in dorm rooms with 14 other snoring travellers. We have stayed in cosy Airbnb’s and in leaky tin huts 4,000 metres above sea level.

In the end, we won’t say that one way of travelling is better than others. We value trying lots of different things.

What works for us might not work for you. But, if you would also like to maximise your travel memories, get a deeper appreciation of the world and experience the most stunning locations on earth, Northabroad is written for you.

Life is supposed to be enjoyed, and we don’t want to do it in a hurry.

So we try to slow down and cherish fine food, kind people, cute animals and marvellous landscapes. We believe in taking care of this planet just as it takes care of us.

  • Memories trump possessions. We try to be rich in life, not in things.
  • The world is beautiful. If we open our eyes fully, we realise that this place is both unbelievably fragile and powerful at the same time.
  • Travel doesn’t have to be expensive. The best things are often free (or at least much cheaper than you might expect them to be).
  • Leave a positive mark. Leaving no trace is a great start, but going a step further to pick up trash in nature and making an effort to interact with locals in a positive way is even better.
  • Make conscious decisions. Live the life you want and be the change you want to see.
Ethiopia hiking
Hiking in the Bale Mountains of Ethiopia was way out of our comfort zone at first but we ended up making memories for life.
Palms and turquoise waters
Palms and turquoise waters have a special way of warming the soul!
Phu Quoc

Oh, Copenhagen

We are both born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark and we truly love our city (which also complicates the whole travel part a bit).

Most of our friends and family live in Copenhagen. It’s where we feel at home.

Copenhagen is an enchanting city full of culinary treasures, green gems and diverse neighbourhoods.

In summertime people tend to stay outside until late, listening to music and enjoying good company. The food scene is better than ever and there’s always some kind of cultural event going on.

If city life gets too much, a dip in the harbour or a stroll in one of the many parks will restore calmness.

Copenhagen generally gets less welcoming in the winter, but the Danes try to make up for the cold, wet and dark days with buckets of liquid comfort (like soup and coffee, not necessarily alcohol…), huge scarfs and candle lights.

Copenhagen sunset at Nyhavn
We’re proud to call Copenhagen our home.

Making a movie about sustainable coffee

Shade Grown Coffee is a full-length documentary film about growing coffee in a sustainable way.

This new chapter of our lives began in late 2015 when we travelled to the Americas to visit coffee farms in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama and Jamaica as well as paying the United States of America a short visit.

The journey continued with a trip to Ethiopia in early 2017, and from then we have worked hard on putting all of our footage together to form a cohesive, compelling story.

Coffee undergoes a fantastic voyage from the soils of tropical mountainsides all the way to your neighbourhood coffee shop, and the documentary film is all about meeting the extraordinary people helping it on its way.

By sharing their stories we hope that coffee lovers worldwide will appreciate the beverage on a new level.

We need to spread the word that consuming the right kind of coffee can have a huge positive impact on some of the most biodiverse regions of the world.

Coffee trees in El Salvador
Filming coffee trees on a shade grown coffee farm in El Salvador in November 2015.
Victoria and Akmel Nuri
Victoria and Akmel Nuri, an organic Ethiopian coffee farmer and amazing human being.

We were raised as travellers

We are both extremely lucky to have been born into globetrotting families.

As a 3-year-old, Victoria travelled the world with her sister and parents visiting Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Fiji and USA.

Before Alex was 4, he had already been to Greece, Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey, Germany, Italy and Cyprus – along with several visits to his grandparents in Sweden.

With that privileged upbringing, it isn’t so strange that we long for foreign adventures. Thanks, moms and dads!

Since meeting in 2010, we have continued exploring the globe together and visited more than 30 countries hand in hand.

Alex and Victoria
We have always dreamt of being able to travel wherever, whenever.
Map of destinations
All the places we have been – together or apart. The goal has never been to visit as many countries as possible, but rather to get a glimpse of the wonderful diversity of the globe.

From 9-5 to new time zones

Alex started full-time freelancing in 2014 doing equal parts photo, video and websites, mainly collaborating with independent artists.

Victoria finished her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Project Management from Copenhagen Business School in 2016.

Meanwhile, she has worked as an online culture journalist for the Danish newspaper Politiken and has also held different positions at the NGO Animal Protection Denmark, working for improved animal welfare in Danish agriculture.

Up until 2017, travel was limited to school breaks and employers giving a green or a red light.

But then Victoria quit her job to make room for more focused work on our own projects and the freedom to work from wherever we chose.

Now we try to make this whole digital nomad thing a success by striking the right balance between work and travel. It’s kind of terrifying, but a lot of fun at the same time!

Beach in Philippines
Italian mountains
Drone shot of island


  • Is two years older than her sister, Juliane.
  • Does yoga and is approximately 400% more flexible than Alex.
  • LOVES animals. Especially all of them.
  • Has no problem eating gelato three times a day.
  • Is a bookworm and can churn her way through a compelling story in just a day or two on the beach.
Thailand beach
Beaches like this > pretty much everything else.
Victoria with sheep
More animals = more happiness.
Colosseum, Rome
Italy is one of our absolute favourite countries for travel.


  • Is 24 years older than his brother, Vilbert.
  • Takes care of the website coding and is the (main) photo/video/drone part of the equation.
  • Has an enourmous love of being active in the outdoors. Hiking in the mountains, running, climbing, mountain biking… all hits the spot.
  • Cooks exotic dishes and also craves Neapolitan pizza as well as all types of kale.
  • Is half-Swedish and can pretend to be fully Swedish for a few minutes before being exposed.
Alex in Red Rock Canyon
Running around on rocks and trails is a surefire way to make Alex sleep well at night.
There’s so much to explore in The Philippines.
Death Valley’s Zabriskie Point
Hats off to Death Valley’s Zabriskie Point.

Join us on the journey

We publish new guides and posts regularly here on the website. Check back to never miss the best content.

If you’re interested in seeing what we’re up to on a day-to-day basis, follow along on our Instagram account @northabroad.

And if you happen to understand Danish, also check out our Danish site Nordombord.

Thanks for your time and valuable attention!