The 8 Best Things to Do in Båstad, Skåne in Southern Sweden

The 8 Best Things to Do in Båstad, Skåne in Southern Sweden

All you need to know about visiting the tennis capital of Sweden
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Båstad is more than tennis

In Sweden, the city of Båstad is closely associated with tennis.

It is home to the largest centre court in the country and huge tournaments are held with up to 5,000 spectators.

Båstad is much more than tennis, though.

The small town with 15,000 permanent residents (which more than doubles in summer) is located strategically in a sheltered bay just next to the Hallandian ridge.

Båstad’s very own Skansenbadet beach is just metres from the tennis court and a favourite spot for many in summer. Here you’ll find a long bathing bridge as well as several cafés, restaurants and other facilities.

The city is both a great base for tours in the surrounding beautiful nature or for a relaxing city-break by the sea with great shopping and food. Welcome!

Where to stay in Båstad

Båstad's Skansenbadet
The sand at Båstad’s Skansenbadet is super soft.

8 best things to do in Båstad (apart from watching or playing tennis)

While famous for tennis, there are lots of other things to do in Båstad.

  1. Live the good life. There are plenty of opportunities for watching the ocean and nearby rolling hills while enjoying some quality food and drinks in the harbour of Båstad.
  2. Jump in the ocean. If you want a more remote feeling than Skansenbadet beach, consider visiting the nearby beaches of Malen, Hemmeslöv and Skummeslöv.
  3. Walk the historic streets. Båstad’s centre is very easily walkable and has a cosy atmosphere with a lot of shopping options.
  4. Visit Båstad Church (Mariakyrkan) in the historical city centre.
  5. Learn about tennis at The Swedish Tennis Museum.
  6. Explore the Bjäre Peninsula. Get away from it all by driving the scenic Italian Road leading west away from Båstad into the northern shore of the peninsula. We loved walking around the nature reserve of Hovs Hallar just 15 minutes away. It’s also possible to sail out to the wild and uninhabited island of Halland Väderö.
  7. Visit Norrviken Gardens. The “most beautiful garden in Sweden” is located just 5 minutes from Båstad.
  8. Hike the nearby Hallandian ridge. Nature reserves with beautiful forests with some impressive slopes (for Southern Sweden).
The famous bathing house "Kallbadhuset" in Båstad
The famous bathing house “Kallbadhuset” in Båstad.
Mariakyrkan, Båstad
Mariakyrkan, Båstad.
Charming houses in Båstad
Laholm Bay Beach
Laholm Bay Beach is the longest sandy beach in Sweden
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Our personal experience of visiting Båstad

We arrived in Båstad in the afternoon on a lovely June day after having hiked up Vallåsen’s ~150 metres of elevation.

Parking right next to the ocean we immediately felt the riviera atmosphere and went for some delicious vegan sorbet ice cream at Bjäreglass.

We enjoyed our scoops by the sea and were impressed with the surrounding hills.

At one point one of us blurted out something along the lines of “this looks like New Zealand!”

New Zealand or not, Båstad and its surrounding nature is very pretty and we went for a stroll around town.

While we didn’t jump in the water, we chilled out for a bit on the huge stretch of sand at Skansenbadet.

After visiting Båstad, we drove through the charming countryside to hike around Hovs Hallar, which can easily be recommended for its rough coastline features and nice trails.

The charming harbour in Båstad
The charming harbour in Båstad.
Vegan sorbet from Bjäreglass with an ocean view
Delicious vegan sorbet from Bjäreglass with an ocean view.
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The impressive rock formations at Hovs Hallar
The impressive rock formations at Hovs Hallar.
Travelling to Båstad
Swedish countryside feels in the Bjäre Peninsula.
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How to get to Båstad

Båstad is easily reached by car and there are lots of parking spaces by the harbour right next to the tennis court and the beach.

Ängelholm is the closest bigger city with a train station and can be reached with a 20-minute bus ride.

Halmstad is an even larger nearby city and can be reached with a 40-minute bus ride.


Båstad is located in northwestern Skåne (Scania) in Southern Sweden at the southern end of the Bay of Laholm just where the shoreline ends and becomes The Bjäre Peninsula.

It is the main city of Båstad municipality extending over the entire peninsula.

When to visit Båstad

Båstad is undoubtedly at its most lively in summer – especially in July.

For a good chance of bathing-friendly temperatures (but less people), consider visiting Båstad late in August.

Skansenbadet is popular for swimming and relaxing in the warm(er) summer months.
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Where to stay near Båstad


Hotel Skansen Båstad

For a luxurious stay in the centre of Båstad, look no further than Hotel Skansen Båstad.

The view is amazing, the location couldn’t be better and everything looks spotless.

Check prices and availability at Hotel Skansen Båstad.

Hotel Skansen Båstad
Hotel Skansen Båstad is the nicest place to stay in Båstad.

Value for money

Hotell och Restaurang Hovs Hallar

Just right next to the nature reserve of Hovs Hallar this hotel is located as the perfect jumping off point for travel in the Bjäre Peninsula.

And Båstad is just 15 minutes of scenic driving away.

The suites come with ocean views and a private outdoor bathtub.

Check prices and availability at Hotell och Restaurang Hovs Hallar.

Hotell och Restaurang Hovs Hallar
Hotell och Restaurang Hovs Hallar is great for a relaxing escape in the Bjäre Peninsula close to Båstad.


Stationsterrassen 7

Stationsterrassen 7 is located right to the train station in Båstad and provides simple but comfortable accommodation at a reasonable price.

The small apartment comes with a microwave, tv and a private bathroom.

Check prices and availability at Stationsterrassen 7.

Stationsterrassen 7
Stay in the middle of Båstad at Stationsterrassen 7.

What to bring to Båstad

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Minimise your impact

To minimise your impact in Båstad, follow these guidelines:

  • Bring your own drinking water in a refillable bottle.
  • Avoid single-use plastics, including straws.
  • Dispose of waste properly. While putting your trash in a nearby trashcan is convenient, wrappers and other small items are prone to get taken by the wind and end up in the ocean.
  • Check your sunscreen. Many brands contain oxybenzone and other chemicals that are harmful to ocean life. This one is vegan and reef-friendly.
  • Take only photos, leave only footprints.
  • Be considerate of other visitors.
  • Respect wildlife.
Thanks for reading

Thanks for reading our travel guide to Båstad in Southern Sweden. We hope it has been useful!

What do you think about Båstad?

If you’ve been, it would be awesome to hear your best tips in the comments.

If you haven’t been yet, please don’t hesitate to ask us anything. We’re glad to help.

The 8 Best Things to Do in Båstad, Skåne in Southern Sweden
The 8 Best Things to Do in Båstad, Skåne in Southern Sweden
The 8 Best Things to Do in Båstad, Skåne in Southern Sweden
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