Is It Too Late to Start Blogging, Youtubing or Instagramming in 2023?

Is It Too Late to Start Blogging, Youtubing or Instagramming in 2023?

The answer won't surprise you but the reason might
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Clickbait is so 2016

And so is starting a blog, a Youtube channel or an Instagram account.

Or is it?

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that no, it’s never too late.

Why that is, however, is less obvious to most people.

Alex & Victoria in New Zealand
People will always try to find content that is as valuable to them as possible.

Platforms over time

As internet platforms grow and mature, so do their audiences… And the amount of content on the platform.

That basically means that it gets more and more difficult to truly stand out.

On Youtube alone, more than 500 hours of content is uploaded every minute

But most of it sucks!

What you absolutely don’t want to do is to start a blog, Youtube, Instagram or anything else that has already been done to death.

It’s much more difficult to get your foot in the door now on Instagram than it was five years ago (even if you take truly amazing photos).

A lot of people take truly amazing photos!

That sucks if that’s all you do.

But it isn’t. When you start discovering your own unique talents and your unique voice, you do so much more than that.

And audiences will always crave authenticity, quality and value.

Victoria in Mt Cook National Park
The trick is always to stand out.

What you don’t want to do

Starting a personal blog about your travels and lifestyle and sharing random images on Instagram will probably be of great interest to your friends and family – and no one else.

So don’t expect success on the internet if that’s your recipe.

With so much competition, you really need to get specific.

A recipe for success

What you want to do is to find your own unique niche.

We have written a whole article about that here, but in short, you want to find a very small audience that is intensely interested in something very specific that you’re really good at.

These people may not even know yet how much they need you.

But they do need you, and that’s why it’s still a great idea to start a blog, a Youtube channel, an Instagram account or whatever else it might be in 2021.

Everyone is so unique that if you can answer your audience’s questions in a way that is more specific or relatable to them than other sources, they will pick you, time and time again.

How to Find Your Own Unique Niche as a Digital Nomad
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The long tail

To our knowledge, the idea of the long tail comes from SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

It means that even though you probably won’t rank highly on Google for a term like ”Bicycle riding tips”, you just might have a chance with ”No-handed blindfolded bicycle riding tips”.

While cycling without hands and with a blindfold sounds absolutely bananas (don’t try it at home…) there just might be enough people interested in this weird subject to actually sustain a viable audience for you.

And that doesn’t mean you still can’t explore subjects that aren’t directly linked to that very small niche – you just have to make the link yourself.

The idea is the same on all platforms.

Mountains in the distance
You don’t need a huge audience to succeed on the internet. You just need them to really love what you do.

Market research

All good business ideas start with some kind of simple market research.

We’re far from experts on the subject, but try to do your best at discovering what is already out there on the subjects you plan to cover – and even more importantly, uncover how you can do it better.

Better can mean many different things.

You can come up with your own terms, but think about how you can do something more:

  • Specific
  • Action-oriented
  • Beautiful
  • Thought-provoking
  • Simple
  • Understandable
  • In-depth
  • Clear
  • Funny
  • Relatable
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Quick idea: If something has been done a million times in English, but only very poorly in your mother tongue, consider being the best in your niche in your own language.

People generally want to hear from people that are like them or from someone who is how they would like to be.

Running towards digital nomad success
Choose a path where you will stand out.


While the popularity of platforms might come and go, audiences will always follow quality and value.

If you can provide something uniquely good, you have a very real chance of standing out even in a very crowded space.

Try to figure out how you can do something no one else is doing or how you can do something a lot better.

Start there and watch your career take off!

Be the only one doing what you do
You will naturally be the best if you create your own niche.
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