How to Find Your Own Unique Niche as a Digital Nomad

How to Find Your Own Unique Niche as a Digital Nomad

Earning money and finding your 1,000 true fans in 3 simple questions
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Been there, done that

On the internet, everything has already been done a gazillion times. Right?


With only 26 characters in the alphabet, you would think that everything had already been said.

Luckily, that’s far from the truth.

While it is true that the amount of information out there is close to infinity, things can always become more specific.

And that’s why you can still succeed in a saturated market.

The trick to finding your own unique niche and start earning real money as a digital nomad is to be really specific.

If only we had known this a long time ago, we could have avoided a lot of frustration.

Alex & Victoria in Gili Nanngu
It’s crowded out there. Find something where you can be the best in your own little niche.

The power of qualifiers

Starting a blog about cooking where you share your delicious recipes is a great idea, but it will be truly difficult to stand out amongst the millions of similar blogs out there.

If you add a second qualifier, such as only sharing recipes about a specific diet, you’ll have a much easier time branding yourself well and getting quality traffic.

It will probably still be a crowded space, though. There are lots of keto or vegan food blogs out there.

The third qualifier is where great things happen.

If you want to create something in a market that already has a lot of competition, even consider adding a fourth.

Like: ”Vegan recipes that take less than 15 minutes to make with less than five ingredients”.

Or: ”Raw Asian fusion recipes that you can make in a campervan with only one burner”.

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The unique thing is you

What will always be unique is you.

To stay with the cooking idea, the magic ingredient is yourself.

How you write. How you make people feel. How you engage with your community.

These are all crucial things that make people become enticed in your stuff and ultimately make them stick around and listen to you.

Your opinions matter.

Your viewpoint is yours and yours alone.

And that’s a very powerful thing once you learn how to harness it correctly.

Palm trees in Indonesia
Time spent on making sure you’re a good fit for your niche and vice-versa will pay you back tenfold.
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True fans is what you need

You have probably heard it plenty of times before, but there is a lot of truth in the saying that you only need 1,000 true fans to succeed.

If 1,000 people buy an ebook from you for $30, that’s $30,000; banal, yes, but nevertheless a very uplifting thought.

If your true fans keep buying your products, sign up for your courses, go on your retreats (or whatever it is you’re selling), you’re golden.

In an era where 10,000 followers on Instagram is considered ”micro”, 1,000 fans may not sound like a lot.

On one hand, it is. On the other hand, it isn’t – if you know how to go about it right.

How to think about 1,000 fans

Imagine a big room. Something like a small concert venue or an auditorium.

Standing in front of a full thousand people and holding a speech or showing your stuff with the audience’s full attention would be nerve-wracking for most people.

And it would also be the coolest thing ever if everyone loved what you do.

Just like showing your vacation photos to your closest family makes total sense.

Doing the same thing on the internet and gathering just 5-10 views would feel like a failure to most, but if those 5-10 viewers were your close friends who truly care about what you do, it would be very different.

So 1,000 true fans is a lot.

It’s a thousand people who want to pay you well for what you do because you give them real value.

But it’s far from unattainable.

There are so many people using the internet that reaching just 1,000 people is a very realistic goal.

You just have to know how to win their trust.

Gili Kedis near Lombok, Indonesia
Will they miss you if you’re gone? It’s a tough one to answer honestly. But crucial.

Real value lies in transformation

Providing value to others is what will make them willing to spend time (and perhaps money) with your stuff, whether it’s a blog, videos, a digital service or even a physical one.

Value is very often derived from transformation.

What you do has to change something in or for the recipient.

Preferably you help your clients, viewers, readers (or whoever they may be) transform.

Before they stumbled upon your work they were X. Now they’re Y.

If you’re an amazing vegan chef who cooks delicious meals up in no time and start that blog we talked about earlier, you may help your readers transform like this:

Before: From being stuck with the same old recipes that always end up taking too long and that don’t provide them with the essential nutrients they need.

After: To now loving to cook healthy meals for family and friends because it has become so simple, quick and fun with your awesome recipes.

Transformation lies at the heart of all good marketing.

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Finding your own unique niche in 3 questions

Finding the thing that you can do really well that will truly help other people is not easy.

It might take more than a few tries before you get it right.

But it’s so worth it (for you and everyone else!) when you do.

Here is a simple three-step template for finding your own unique niche:

  1. What can you do well that can help other people transform?
  2. Which medium is suited for that purpose (blog, videos, products etc.)?
  3. Can you make your idea more specific and add more value to a niche audience?

Once you know your real strengths, you still have the most important thing in front of you: execution.

You want an amazing idea and you want to execute it excellently.

That’s beyond the scope of this article, though 🙂

Let us know your thoughts about true fans and finding niches in the comment section.

We would love to hear what you think. Also, don’t hesitate to write to us directly if you have any questions.

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