Where to Stay in Pisa: The Best Hotels from Budget to Luxury

Where to Stay in Pisa: The Best Hotels from Budget to Luxury

Our recommendations for the best hotels in Pisa, Italy
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Where Tuscany begins

You’re likely familiar with the iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa.

But did you know it stands within the Square of Miracles alongside other stunning structures? And that the Tuscan city is filled with numerous other attractions and hidden gems waiting to be explored?

We were positively surprised by Pisa and while we unfortunately didn’t have the chance to spend the night, we can easily imagine the city’s streets becoming even more enchanting once the day-trippers depart.

In this guide to where to stay in Pisa, we’ve curated the best hotels across luxury, value for money and budget categories. We hope this helps you plan your stay!

Our favourites: Where to stay in Pisa?

Search for the cheapest and best hotels in Pisa here or read on to learn more about the hotels we recommend.

The Square of Miracles in Pisa, Tuscany
With its international airport, Pisa is the gateway to Tuscany for many travellers. However, we believe it would be a shame to rush through without exploring all Pisa has to offer.

Pisa map and geography

Pretty Pisa is located in the region of Tuscany in central Italy.

Just under 100,000 people live here.

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How long to stay in Pisa

How many days you should spend in Pisa depends entirely on your needs and travel plans.

It’s very normal to spend a single day in the city, and we visited Pisa on a day trip from Lucca ourselves.

However, there is more to see than the Leaning Tower of Pisa, so you can easily spend a night or two if you have the time.

We imagine it must be wonderful to walk around the city early in the morning or in the afternoon when all the day-trippers are gone.

If you fly to Pisa before embarking on a longer journey around Tuscany, it’s ideal to start with a night in the city.

Later in this travel guide to Pisa, we write more about the best places to stay (including where to stay on a budget).

Old street in Pisa
You can easily spend a day or two wandering through Pisa’s old streets and soak up the Tuscan atmosphere.

Day trips to Pisa

It’s really popular to go on a day trip to Pisa, for example from Lucca, Florence, Livorno, La Spezia (Cinque Terre) or even from Rome.

If you aren’t planning to stay in the city overnight, you can look at some of the day trips to Pisa from other cities below.


Where to stay in Pisa?

Pisa is a relatively compact city and proximity to the Leaning Tower and the Square of Miracles are key considerations for most visitors – as well as access to train or plane connections for those not driving around Tuscany.

The city offers a wide range of mid-range hotels providing excellent value for money. Additionally, we’ve curated a selection of hotels offering a slightly higher standard along with two budget-friendly options.

The best hotels in Pisa for all budgets:


  • Luxury: Palazzo Cini Luxury Rooms In Pisa – Boutique hotel with a great location and nice details.
  • Luxury: Bagni di Pisa Palace & Thermal Spa – 5-star palace with spa and natural hot springs just outside Pisa.
  • Value for money: Relais dei Mercanti B&B and Suites – Cosy little place in the old town with excellent reviews.
  • Value for money: Hotel Bologna – Splendid mid-range hotel with everything you need and solid breakfast.
  • Budget: My Way – One of Pisa’s cheaper hotels within walking distance to both the airport and the train. The Leaning Tower is a 40-minute walk away. A solid option.
  • Budget: Hotel Caffè Verdi – Comfortable, simple rooms a 15-minute walk from the Leaning Tower. 24-hour reception/café.

Search for the cheapest and best hotels in Pisa here.

The view towards the Square of Miracles from the Grand Hotel Duomo
It’s naturally more expensive to stay close to Pisa’s world-famous sights. For more budget-friendly places, we suggest opting for accommodation within a short walking distance. Although The Grand Hotel Duomo looks very enticing. ©Grand Hotel Duomo (adlink)
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The best luxury hotels in Pisa

There aren’t many luxury hotels in Pisa. If you’re looking for a truly luxurious experience, consider the Tuscan coast, like the beach town of Viareggio or cities like Lucca and Florence.

Palazzo Cini Luxury Rooms In Pisa

The boutique hotel Palazzo Cini looks like the best hotel in the city of Pisa.

It’s located in a quiet area close to the pedestrian street and lots of restaurants and city life – and only a 15-minute walk from the Leaning Tower.

The decor is classic Tuscan with lots of marble, stone and woodwork but the facilities are modern. Several rooms have bathtubs and functional, stylish bathrooms.

See prices and availability at Palazzo Cini Luxury Rooms In Pisa here (adlink).

Palazzo Cini is a quaint boutique hotel and likely the most comfortable accommodation option in Pisa. ©Palazzo Cini Luxury Rooms In Pisa (adlink)
The garden at Palazzo Cini Luxury Rooms In Pisa
The garden looks lovely! ©Palazzo Cini Luxury Rooms In Pisa (adlink)

Bagni di Pisa Palace & Thermal Spa

The Grand Duke of Tuscany chose this palace as his summer residence in 1743 and today, it’s a 5-star spa resort complete with hiking trails, a pool, natural hot springs and even a “grotto” with a beautiful pool carved out of stone.

Bagni di Pisa Palace is not really in Pisa as it’s 10 minutes by car or 20 minutes with public transport from the Leaning Tower.

On the other hand, Bagni di Pisa Palace stands out as the most exquisite hotel in the region. For comparable luxury, you have to look all the way to the coastal town of Viareggio, Lucca or Florence.

See prices and availability at Bagni di Pisa Palace & Thermal Spa here (adlink).

Pool at Bagni di Pisa Palace
Bagni di Pisa Palace looks perfect for relaxing after a day of sightseeing. ©Bagni di Pisa Palace & Thermal Spa (adlink)
Inside the house Bagni di Pisa Palace
©Bagni di Pisa Palace & Thermal Spa (adlink)
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The best value for money hotels in Pisa

Whether you’re on a family holiday, a romantic getaway, travelling with friends or exploring solo in Pisa, staying conveniently and comfortably without breaking the bank is always a plus!

Here are the two best mid-range hotels in the city, offering excellent value for money.

Relais dei Mercanti B&B and Suites

Relais dei Mercanti B&B is situated beside a charming square just off the renowned street Borgo Stretto and it’s less than a kilometre from the Leaning Tower. In other words, the location in Pisa couldn’t be much better.

The hotel offers a simple yet pleasant experience; the rooms are clean and spacious (with air conditioning), the service is commendable and guests generally appear happy with their stay.

It’s also possible to rent a small apartment or the deluxe double room with a whirlpool.

See prices and availability at Relais dei Mercanti here (adlink).

Relais dei Mercanti in Pisa
With nice and bright rooms, Relais dei Mercanti is an excellent accommodation option for your stay in Pisa. ©Relais dei Mercanti (adlink)

Hotel Bologna

The 4-star Hotel Bologna is nothing particularly special but it appears to be a great mid-range hotel with all you need; nice facilities and a good location just south of the Arno River.

Guests seem to really like the breakfast buffet.

See prices and availability at Hotel Bologna here (adlink).

Hotel Bologna in Pisa
Hotel Bologna is the place to book if you are looking for a simple mid-range hotel with great value for the money. ©Hotel Bologna (adlink)
The garden at Hotel Bologna in Pisa
There is also an outdoor area where you can sit in the shade of the cypress trees. ©Hotel Bologna (adlink)
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The best budget hotels in Pisa

Where are the cheapest hotels in Pisa?

Well, if you’re seeking budget-friendly accommodation near the Leaning Tower, we have two options available.

One is situated near the airport and the Central Station (ideal for those without their own transportation) and the other is more centrally located within the city.

While there are cheaper accommodation options available, many of them have bad reviews and we only want to recommend budget hotels that meet our own standards for quality and comfort.

Therefore, read the reviews thoroughly if you’re considering an even cheaper hotel.

My Way

If you travel to/from Pisa by train or plane and just want to stay cheaply and comfortably, we think it’s worth looking at My Way.

It’s a 40-minute walk through the city to reach the Leaning Tower (with half of the journey passing through the charming “cosy” area of Pisa) which we highly recommend experiencing. The Central Station and the airport are easily accessible by foot.

If you opt for a taxi to the tower, the journey only takes 15 minutes.

Please note that some of the rooms share a bathroom.

See prices and availability at My Way here (adlink).

My Way Hotel in Pisa
The rooms at My Way may not offer the same level of elegance as some of the other hotels, but they’re priced significantly lower. ©My Way (adlink)

Hotel Caffè Verdi

A 24-hour reception is quite uncommon for a budget hotel. However, the 3-star Hotel Caffè Verdi offers exactly that as it also functions as a café offering affordable sandwiches, pastries and more around the clock.

All the rooms have private bathrooms, wifi and air conditioning.

Hotel Caffè Verdi is a 15-20 minute walk from the Leaning Tower, close to both the Arno River and the Borgo Stretto pedestrian street.

See prices and availability at Hotel Caffè Verdi here (adlink).

Hotel Caffè Verdi room
The rooms at Hotel Caffè Verdi are furnished simply and look comfortable. ©Hotel Caffè Verdi (adlink)
The café at Hotel Caffè Verdi in Pisa
At the hotel’s café, you can enjoy food and drinks 24 hours a day. ©Hotel Caffè Verdi (adlink)
Everything you need to know about Pisa

In our complete travel guide to Pisa, we have written all you need to know about the city renowned for its iconic Leaning Tower.

We go into more detail about the best attractions and sights, what to do and see, how long to stay, travel tips, how to get around – and much, much more.

Read our travel guide to Pisa or go directly to an attraction by clicking on one of the links below.

The 16 best things to do and see in Pisa

  1. The Leaning Tower of Pisa – The main reason to visit the city
  2. Piazza dei Miracoli – The Square of Miracles
  3. Duomo di Pisa – Pisa Cathedral
  4. Battistero di San Giovanni – The baptistery
  5. Campo Santo – The Monumental Cemetery
  6. Walk along the Arno – The river that runs through Pisa
  7. Santa Maria della Spina – Church by the river
  8. Piazza dei Cavalieri – The Knights’ Square
  9. Sant’Antonio Abate – Church with a colourful mural
  10. Borgo Stretto – Narrow pedestrian street
  11. Via Corso Italia – Shopping street with lots of shops
  12. Botanic Garden – A green oasis
  13. Palazzo Blu – Museum in a blue palace
  14. Visit a vineyard – Taste local grapes
  15. Eat gelato – Enjoy real Italian ice cream
  16. The best day trips from Pisa

Map of the best things to do and see in Pisa.

Santa Maria della Spina in Pisa
The small church of Santa Maria della Spina on the banks of the Arno River is a must-see in Pisa.

When to visit Pisa

Due to the iconic Leaning Tower, Pisa attracts tourists year-round.

The high season is in July and August when Italians, Europeans and much of the rest of the world enjoy their summer holidays.

July and August are also the hottest months, so if you have the flexibility to plan your trip to Pisa outside of this period, we strongly recommend doing so.

May, June, September and October are good shoulder months with great weather and fewer crowds, although it is always busy in Tuscany after all.

December, January and February are the coldest months (like many other places in Europe).

It rains the most in September, October, November and December.

Average min and max temperatures in Pisa, Italy Average precipitation (rain/snow) in Pisa, Italy
Via Corso Italia in Pisa
Via Corso Italia is perfect for a stroll (even with a little bit of rain).

Our best tips for Pisa

  • Book a ticket in advance (adlink) if you want to climb the Leaning Tower of Pisa. A limited number of tickets are available each day, and visitors are assigned a specific time slot to ascend the tower.
  • Buy a combination ticket (adlink) to save money if you plan to visit all the buildings on the Square of Miracles. With this ticket, you’ll also enjoy the perk of skipping the queues.
  • Come early if you want to experience the Leaning Tower (and the rest of Pisa) without too many crowds. Alternatively, you can wait until the end of the day, when most day-trippers have gone home.
  • Many restaurants close for siesta between lunch and dinner, so keep an eye on the opening hours if you want to eat at a particular restaurant or café during the day.
  • Expect an additional charge on the restaurant bill. Most restaurants add a “coperto” per guest, which is a fee per person regardless of your order. It is typically between 1 and 3 euros, which you pay in addition to the price of the food. It’s common to receive a small bread basket with butter or olive oil and balsamic vinegar as a starter.
  • Take care of your belongings. Like many tourist destinations, there is a risk of opportunistic pickpockets. Additionally, car break-ins are not uncommon. If you’re driving to Pisa, it’s advisable not to leave any valuables in your car to minimise the risk.
Gelato in Pisa
Make sure to eat plenty of gelato!

What to bring to Pisa

  • Travel insurance (adlink). Never travel without it!
  • A good camerahere’s a guide to the gear we use.
  • Sunscreen. Especially if you visit Florence in the summer. We recommend an organic, vegan sunscreen without oxybenzone and other harmful chemicals.
  • Sneakers or other types of shoes you can walk in comfortably.
  • A refillable water bottle.
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Sustainable travel tips

To travel as sustainably as possible, we recommend the following:

  • Bring your own drinking water in a refillable bottle.
  • Avoid disposable plastics.
  • Sort your waste correctly and do not throw it on the ground.
Alexander & Victoria in front of the Leaning Tower in Pisa
Bring a rain jacket just in case it rains.
Thank you for reading

Thank you for reading our travel guide to where to stay in Pisa. We hope it has helped you find the right accommodation!

What do you think of Pisa?

If you’ve already been to Pisa, it would be great to hear your best tips and tricks in the comments.

Where did you stay? There are so many great hotels in Pisa and it would be cool to hear about your experience.

Write us a comment if you have any questions about Pisa or which hotel to stay at. Then we will try helping to the best of our ability.

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