Our Year in Travel 2022

Our Year in Travel 2022

Which countries we have visited and what we have been up to in 2022
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A year? A decade?

Once again we find ourselves contemplating the year we have just left, thinking about all of the fantastic things we have had the luck of experiencing in 2022.

What a year it has been. What a long year it has been!

Calling 2022 a decade might be stretching it a little. But looking back at January 2022 here in January 2023 honestly feels like looking back in time much more than just 12 months.

Anyway, we have had a blast of a year and feel incredibly privileged to be able to see and do so many beautiful things all in good health.

From quick getaways and mountain hikes to exotic island travels and free-spirited road trips. 2022 had it all.

Read on to hear all about where we went and what we did in 2022.

Fuerteventura’s dramatic colours

Our first travel of 2022 was a two-week trip to Fuerteventura.

None of us had visited the Canarian island prior and we were both blown away by the rich variety of landscapes – like the black sand beach of Ajuy, mystical Lobos Island, natural rock pool by the ocean, Corralejo Sand Dunes, Calderon Hondo volcano crater, lagoons at Sotavento Beach, Arco de las Peñitas stone arch and wild wild Cofete Beach.

We hadn’t researched that much beforehand, but we ended up visiting as many delightful nature spots as possible driving down many promising dirt roads. While one week is enough to get a good taste, two weeks actually felt needed to visit Fuerteventura fully!

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Ajuy black sand beach drone photo
We were pleasantly surprised about the huge breadth of landscapes on offer on Fuerteventura.
Lagoon and volcano on Lobos Island
Lobos Island is like a mini-Fuerteventura with great hiking, beaches, incredible water – and a volcano!
Alex and Victoria on Cofete Beach in Fuerteventura
Cofete Beach is one of the wildest beaches we have visited.

Moving day in Copenhagen

Moving is always exciting. But it also takes a lot of time and energy.

We stepped up from a small apartment in Nørrebro to a larger one in Islands Brygge during the first months of the year.

While the vibrant multiculturalism of Nørrebro had been plenty of fun, we really enjoy the tranquillity of now staying at the outskirts of Copenhagen near amazing nature (yet just 10 minutes away from the centre of town by bike!).

Nørrebro Station
From Nørrebro…
Islands Brygge
To a very modern and bright apartment in Islands Brygge.

A winter trip to Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Third time’s a charm, right?

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany’s famous gateway to the Alps, has quickly become one of our favourite places in Europe.

This third time around, we tried skiing – both the cross country variant (called langlaufen in German) and Alex had a few runs down the slopes of mighty Zugspitze.

We also went on some lovely hikes we hadn’t done before. Visiting in winter was a delight in so many ways.

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We visited GaPa at the end of winter and had the luck of both being able to ski and hike.
Strolling around Mittenwald was a pleasant first for us.
Cross-country skiing in Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Going cross-country skiing together was also a first for us. It wasn’t easy but with some practice we kind-of got the hang of it.

Eating our way through Prague

We took the long way home on our way back from Garmisch-Partenkirchen by deciding on a whim to visit the Czech Republic.

Staying in Prague for a few days was an obvious choice and we thoroughly enjoyed strolling around the city, trying as many tasty vegan dishes as possible.

We had both visited Prague earlier in our lives, but never together. And we’re so glad we did.

The sunshine hit Europe early in spring and we had some unexpectedly warm days in the Czech capital.
Prague vegan scene
The vegan food on offer in Prague was just delicious.

Unique hiking in Bohemian Switzerland National Park

When staying in Dresden in 2020, we went to Saxon Switzerland National Park and loved our time among the sharp pinnacles.

This time around we visited the same area but from the Czech side – called Bohemian Switzerland National Park.

We started by walking through the gorgeous Kamenice Gorge and then hiked a big loop to Pravčická BránaEurope’s largest natural arch.

The Czech side of things was just as impressive as the German one. This part of Europe is completely unique in its geology and feels very underappreciated.

We stayed rurally with a Czech family (who didn’t really speak any English) which only added to the exoticness of the whole ordeal.

While the Czech Republic in many ways is very much like other Western European countries, the cultural influences from the east were apparent. Driving through the countryside naturally felt completely safe, but there was nonetheless something new and exciting about exploring this country deeper than just spending a few days in its party-crazed capital.

The enchanting Kamenice Gorge
The enchanting Kamenice Gorge.
Pravčická Brána
Natural stone arches are just naturally cool and Pravčická Brána is the largest of them all (in Europe).
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Vegan heaven aka Berlin

While we have both been to Berlin too many times to count, it actually took us more than 12 years of being in a relationship to visit the German capital – which coincidentally is also more or less the vegan capital of Europe.

Oh, how we ate.

Having seen and experienced the main sights and attractions lots of times, we could fully focus on the food. And so we did!

Vegan sushi in Berlin
The vegan food scene in Berlin is insanely good.
Berlin Alexanderplatz
Of course, we also had time to revisit a few of the classic sights.

Rhodes – a Greek island full of treasures

Who knew the combo of a cheap flight, a cheap apartment hotel and a cheap rental car could turn out so good?

The Greek island of Rhodes is full of treasures and we did our best trying to discover all of them during our week there.

There were many highlights, but the ones that stood out the most were probably visiting the ancient city of Lindos, swimming at the beautiful but sillily named Anthony Quinn Bay and wandering around the old streets of Rhodes Town.

A week here was just perfect.

Rhodes beach
While not exactly tropically hot in the beginning of May, Rhodes’ sun was thankfully warm enough for some beach time.
The ancient city of Lindos
The ancient city of Lindos is a must-visit on Rhodes.

Three work trips across the border

Working on the “Embrace German Nature” campaign for the Germain Tourism Board, we went on three separate trips to Saxony Anhalt and Northern Germany (Schleswig-Holstein) during the summer of 2022.

This was our first time experiencing German nature (and beaches) during summertime and we had a really wonderful time exploring the rich nature, cities and history of our friendly neighbour.

Check out our travel guide to Sylt here. The rest are unfortunately only in Danish but you can read them here.

Wadden Sea
It felt very special to witness the sunset over the Wadden Sea.
Bad Segeberg's Großer Segeberger See
On an absolutely sweltering day in July it felt amazing to cool down in Bad Segeberg’s Großer Segeberger See.
Sylt, Germany
Visiting the beautifully weather-beaten island of Sylt was also one of the highlights.
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A dream trip to the Seychelles

Spending two weeks in the impossibly turquoise waters among the unique boulder formations of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue in the Seychelles was a dream come true for us.

This African island paradise is a place like no other and we still have to pinch ourselves to believe that we actually got to go here.

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Anse Lazio viewpoint
Seychelles is known for having some of the world’s prettiest beaches. We have to agree.
La Digue, Seychelles

Back to our favourite mountains

The last time we drove from Copenhagen through Germany and Austria to the Dolomites (in 2020), we spent weeks covering the ~1,300 kilometres.

This year we had just one stop, for one night, before reaching the grand Italian mountains.

With winter quickly approaching, we wanted to make the most of the autumn weather before snowfall had the chance to make high-altitude hikes inaccessible.

Even though we had visited the Dolomites several times before, we thankfully still had quite a few bucket list hikes left and we swiftly got to action, doing long hikes (and drives!) pretty much every day for about 10 days.

It was glorious. Dolomites, we love you.

Dolomites peaks
Can mountain peaks even get more dramatic than this?
Dolomites drone shot
There are more than 2,000 named mountains in the Dolomites, so we still have plenty left to see and do!

Best of the best of the Italian countryside

We adored Florence (who doesn’t?) when we visited in 2021, so it felt natural to want to see more of Tuscany this time around.

Lucca. Pisa. The five towns of Cinque Terre. San Gimignano (and i pini!). Siena. Montalcino. Pienza. Montepulciano. Radicofani. Livorno.

All of these lovely towns have something special to offer; a charm just waiting to be discovered.

And then we haven’t even mentioned the natural hot springs of Bagni San Filippo and Saturnia. Or the many magical sunsets we witnessed overlooking the rolling Tuscan hills. Or the pizzas.

Cinque Terre
Visiting all five towns of Cinque Terre in a single day was intense – and spectacular.
Bathing in the natural hot springs of Saturnia
Bathing in the natural hot springs of Saturnia was something we’ve dreamed about for a long time and it certainly lived up to the hype.
Tuscany rolling hills and sunset

Ciao Sardinia!

As you may know, we stayed for about 7 months in Sardinia during 2020/2021 – mostly in the southwest (Chia) and southeast (Solanas) and a short sting east to the limestone wonders of Costa di Baunai.

This time around, we took in the whole northern part of the magical island – starting by travelling from Olbia to the Maddalena Archipelago about which we can confidently say just go there.

We then stayed in Santa Teresa Gallura with Victoria’s sister for 1.5 weeks of fun in the sun, followed by beautiful days all around the coast visiting Castelsardo, cosy Alghero, Bosa, mountainous San Pantaleo, tons of beaches (including the pretty but perhaps overrated beach of La Pelosa and the surprisingly remote beaches of the Emerald Coast) as well as an unforgettable day trip to Isola Tavolara; the paradisical island mountain.

3 weeks was not enough yet just perfect to visit all of these Sardinian gems. We so hope to return here many times.

La Maddalena Archipelago
It felt absolutely amazing being back in the inviting waters of Sardinia – this time in the north.
La Maddalena
Santa Teresa Gallura nature
Victoria’s sister visited us when we stayed in Santa Teresa Gallura. From here we could go on many awesome day trips.
Isola Tavolara
We had a hard time believing the images we had seen from Isola Tavolara but can now say that yes, this place is actually real.

New Year’s celebrations in Sweden

After returning to Copenhagen in November after a long drive home (which included a final day of hiking in the Dolomites as well as a pizza pitstop in Munich and a vegan sushi stop in Leipzig) we didn’t travel anywhere before hopping on a train that took us across Øresund to Sweden during the last two days of the year.

After a quick croissant-and-brunch stop in Malmö, we continued up the coast to Helsingborg where none of us had spent time before.

Two nights in Helsingborg felt like the optimal New Year’s getaway.

While we didn’t party hard or pop any champagne, we spent the final two days of 2022 together, eating delicious food, and exploring a new place together all while talking a lot about the year we were about to leave and the year we were about to welcome. Just like we had hoped for.

Lago di Braies
We re-visited stunning Lago di Braies on our very final day in the Dolomites on our way back to Copenhagen.
Helsingborg Kärnan
The “borg” in Helsingborg means castle or stronghold. The tower (Kärnan) is more than 700 years old.
New Year's in Helsingborg
A quick visit to Sweden’s ninth-largest city was the perfect way to end 2022.
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Who knows what’s next? We are more than excited for 2023 and can’t wait to see what the year has in store for us.

What about you?

Did you go on any adventures – in your own country or abroad – in this crazy year? And do you have any plans for 2022?

Let us know in the comments. We would love to know!

Thanks for reading this far and we wish you all the very best in the coming year!

Victoria sitting at a dune in Corralejo Sand Dunes in Fuerteventura at sunset
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