Our Year in Travel 2019 (so Far!) *Updated in August*

Our Year in Travel 2019 (so Far!)

Which countries we have visited and what we have been up to in 2019
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A year of travelling ahead

2019 is gonna be a fantastic year full of exciting adventures!

For a while, we have been travelling for several months of the year, but this is probably the first time we expect to spend more time abroad than in our hometown of Copenhagen.

Heading off to Thailand together in mid-January, escaping the cold Danish winter was one of our best decisions ever.

And we stayed in Asia for the next six months before returning to Europe.

Here’s where we’ve been so far.

Working out in Egypt

In the beginning of January, Alex and his father travelled to Hurghada in Egypt.

Vacationing in Egypt is an old classic for Alexander and he has visited the country several times with his parents since he was a little boy.

As his mother is an Egyptologist, it’s been one of their favourite countries to visit.

This time he and his father decided to burn some calories instead of lounging by the pool.

They spent a week playing tennis, swimming, running and working out.

All the while, Victoria boxed our apartment in Copenhagen.

Running in the Egyptian desert near Hurghada
Running in the Egyptian desert near Hurghada.
Egypt desert
Egypt is a really beautiful country.

Two months in the land of smiles

Workation on Koh Samui

We keep coming back to Thailand and we most likely will continue to do so!

Beaches, warm weather, palm trees, Thai food and happy people make this country a joy to visit every time.

We chose Thailand for our workation in January and February for those exact reasons.

As with our Koh Lanta workation in 2018, we had to work on our documentary film about shade grown coffee + a few other projects we are juggling with.

Koh Samui is one of the more developed islands in Thailand with lots of great food options and high-speed Internet. Working online, that’s all we need.

It was the ideal place for us to have stability while still having access to all the wonderful activities the island has to offer.

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Wat Plai Laem Buddhist Temple
Koh Samui has lots of wonderful temples to visit.
Na Mueang Waterfall 2 pool
We enjoyed exploring the island on our days off.

Eating our way through Koh Phangan

After Koh Samui, we visited it’s neighbour Koh Phangan.

We immediately loved this small island. The vibe is super relaxed with lots of places where you can do yoga, meditation, healing and all kinds of therapy and retreats.

The best of all, we had sooo many delicious meals!

The vegan options were plentiful and we wish we could have eaten out even more just to try all the restaurants and cafés on the island.

We mostly worked on our documentary film and blogs, but fortunately, we also had time to explore the gorgeous beaches.

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Secret Beach
Secret Beach was a highlight of Koh Phangan.
We really enjoyed the tropical vibes.

A month on Vietnam’s paradise island

After Thailand, we decided to head to Phu Quoc in Vietnam.

Victoria has been dreaming about spending time on the island since we visited Vietnam back in 2013.

With a month, we had time to have stable work days mixed with days of exploring Phu Quoc’s natural attractions.

We loved eating Vietnamese food again, we met so many super cute baby animals and the beaches were striking.

All in all, Phu Quoc was very good to us.

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Phu Quoc hammock
We had such a good time on Phu Quoc in Vietnam.

Bali: living in the island of gods

For two months, we made Bali in Indonesia our tropical home.

We had a lot of fun exploring the beautiful landscapes including a sunrise volcano hike, amazing rice terraces, beaches, cliffs and numerous waterfalls.

Most of the time we didn’t venture too far out from our base in Canggu, though, trying to create a healthy work (and workout!) routine.

We loved the balance between a comfortable, productive setting and an island full of adventures; Bali really is a digital nomad dream. We’ll be back.

Victoria waterfall
Bali waterfalls are so stunning. They made it difficult to be working instead of out exploring!

Georgetown living

After our two-month Indonesian visas ran out, we headed to Georgetown on the island of Penang in northwestern Malaysia.

We visited last year and loved the historical part of town and especially all of the great food available.

Here we worked hard on finally completely finishing our documentary film. And, of course, ate lots of delicious Indian food. Huge masala dosas, anyone?

Indonesia’s largest island

We could almost see Indonesia’s largest island, Sumatra from Penang, so we decided to head over there to explore these exotic lands.

Since forever, we have dreamt of seeing orangutans in the wild. And in Bukit Lawang in North Sumatra, our dream came true big time.

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We slept in the amazing rainforest and were lucky enough to not only experience several orangutans (and their babies!) but also lots of other interesting animals.

After the jungle, we climbed the active volcano Mount Sibayak near Berastagi, got blown away at Sipiso Piso waterfall and chilled lots on Samosir Island on Lake Toba (an island within an island!).

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To end our time in Indonesia in the best way possible, we took the journey to Nias Island and then further on to Asu Island for 12 days of pure dog and beach bliss.

Sumatra was an exhilarating adventure.

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Turning 27 in Kuala Lumpur

As our international flight would leave from Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian capital was a fitting place to end our 6-month+ trip to Southeast Asia.

We stayed in Bangsar where vegan options were abundant, and for Alex’ 27th birthday we went to Camp5 for some climbing fun and saw the new Lion King on a big screen where we, of course, had wet eyes right from the get-go.

Leaving Asia was sad, but as we knew what we had in store next, we just about survived the farewell and the long trip to Europe.

Camping in Norway

Writing this, we’re sitting in our Eriba campervan looking at Gaustatoppen in Southern Norway.

We’re super excited to travel around our northern neighbour for the next two weeks.

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Your travel plans

Do you have any exciting travel plans for this year?

Leave a comment below and let us know where you’re going in 2019!

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