Review of Dwarika’s Hotel in Kathmandu: A Peaceful Heritage Hotel in Nepal’s Busy Capital

Review of Dwarika’s Hotel in Kathmandu: A Peaceful Heritage Hotel in Nepal's Busy Capital

We review our stay at Dwarika’s Hotel in Kathmandu, Nepal
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A cultural heritage hotel

Stepping into Dwarika’s Hotel (adlink), you will relax immediately.

It’s definitely something different from the bustling streets of Kathmandu.

Here, the traffic noise is replaced by soothing Nepalese music and bird song in the garden.

There’s so much to do at the hotel that you don’t need to leave it at all.

But if you do leave for some sightseeing during the day, you will love coming back to retreat and recharge.

Even though the property is quite big, it’s very peaceful and the service-minded staff is ready to help you with anything.

Food tip: Read our vegan eating guide to Kathmandu for the best restaurants and cafés in the city.

The architecture and design

The hotel’s traditional architecture is really something special.

The founder of the hotel, Dwarika Das Shrestha, started collecting architectural pieces, pottery and woodwork back in 1952 and there are small cultural details everywhere.

The more than 80 rooms and suites are individually designed and beautifully decorated with unique artefacts to reflect traditional life in the Kathmandu Valley.

Today, the Shrestha family still runs the hotel as well as the lovely Dwarika’s Resort in Dhulikhel.

dwarikas hotel kathmandu
Dwarika's hotel kathmandu
We really liked the courtyard and the tranquillity.
dwarikas hotel kathmandu

The location

Depending on the traffic, Dwarika’s Hotel (adlink) is only a few minutes drive from the airport and about 15 minutes drive from Thamel; the popular tourist area with lots of restaurants and all kinds of shops.

The room

We stayed in one of the very spacious Heritage Deluxe Rooms.

All furniture is custom designed and made at their in-house workshop.

The big bed was very comfortable and the linen used for bedding is organically produced and hand woven. Nice!

We had a divan (day bed) for lounging and a table next to it with the traditional Nepalese game of Bagh-Chal; a two-player board game with tigers and goats.

The open plan bathroom had both shower and bathtub. Pure luxury.

See the different room types and prices here (adlink).

dwarikas hotel kathmandu room
The big, comfortable bed in our Heritage Deluxe Room (adlink).
dwarikas hotel kathmandu room
dwarikas hotel kathmandu nepalese game of Bagh-Chal
Bagh-Chal with tigers and goats.
dwarikas hotel kathmandu room
dwarikas hotel kathmandu room
Dwarika’s Hotel has paid attention to every detail.

Facilities at the hotel

There’s a relaxed atmosphere in the charming courtyard where you can enjoy your breakfast or lunch while listening to birds singing cheerfully.

Most evenings, you can also experience traditional Nepalese dance in the courtyard.

Dwarika’s in-house workshop with craftsmen and gift shops with jewellery, paintings, handicrafts and other souvenirs are located here as well.

Use the gym for some exercise or start your morning with a complimentary yoga class. It’s do-able for all ages and levels.

The class Victoria went to was pretty easy and mostly focused on stretching out which was perfect after a long flight to Kathmandu.

For even more relaxing, there’s an outdoor pool and the Pancha Kosha Spa offers ancient rituals and treatments.

dwarikas hotel kathmandu courtyard
There are many places to sit and relax in the courtyard.
dwarikas hotel kathmandu nepalese dance
In the evening you can enjoy traditional Nepalese dance.
dwarikas hotel kathmandu
dwarikas hotel kathmandu outside
Dwarika’s Hotel (adlink) feels like an oasis in the city.
dwarikas hotel kathmandu swimming pool
The refreshing pool.
dwarikas hotel kathmandu courtyard
So much green!
dwarikas hotel kathmandu


There are many nice restaurants in Kathmandu but if you don’t want to leave the hotel, Dwarika’s Hotel (adlink) has no less than three restaurants on site.

The Nepali speciality restaurant, Krishnarpan, is a slow dining experience in itself. Here, they serve meals ranging from six to 22 courses – and our dinner was made vegan upon request.

Soooo good!

Mako’s is a Japanese restaurant which we unfortunately didn’t try but at Dwarika’s Resort in Dhulikhel we had an amazing all-vegan dinner at the sister restaurant, Mako’s Zen.

A more internationally oriented restaurant called Toran is open all day and it’s here the breakfast buffet is served as well.

For all of the restaurants, Dwarika’s primarily use seasonal and local produce – much of it from their own eco-organic farms (we visited the one in Dhulikhel) or otherwise from local organic farmers.

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dwarikas hotel kathmandu restaurant
Krishnarpan, their in-house Nepali speciality restaurant.
dwarikas hotel kathmandu
You can have your meal outside in the courtyard.

Who should stay at Dwarika’s Hotel in Kathmandu?

If price is not an issue, Dwarika’s Hotel (adlink) is the most luxurious place to stay in Kathmandu.

It’s really a unique, architectural pearl with lots of history in the capital of Nepal.

For a romantic stay or a peaceful retreat after a hike in the mountains, you will love this stunning hotel. The attentive and kind staff will take very good care of you.

Dwarika’s Hotel is an oasis you won’t forget.

Check out their website or search for prices and availability here (adlink).

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dwarikas hotel kathmandu outside
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  1. I had a wonderful stay in September 2019. I was with Ellen Lee from Helloworld .I would love to purchase the body lotion given to use in the bathroom. It is the best face cream I have ever used. Thankyou for such a memorable and caring stay. I would love to return with my granddaughter one day.

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